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At Origin Kicks we pride ourselves on curating the very best collection of sneakers and streetwear available for our customers, but more improtantly that we deliever all of valued customers authentic produts.

We understand that the streetwear market is filled with a lot of fakes, with counterfeiters continuously adapting their methods to produce products that will pass off as authetic. As a result, we make it our priority to stay informed and educated about the latest trends, authentication methods, and counterfeit prevention strategies.


All products curated and sourced by our buying teams are purchased through our trusted network of sellers and authroised retailers.
Once they arrive products go through a rigirous authentication & quality check proccess to ensure our valued customers who shop with us can do so with confidence.
Our team carefully examines every detail, from stitching, logos, to the materials used and the overall craftsmanship ensuring they meet the highest standards of authenticity.
Once an item passes our checks we attach an Origin Kicks authentication tag to the product before we add it to our inventory.