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About Us

Origin Kicks was officially established as a company in 2018 - we started off as an online B2B business. 
Origin Kicks has since then evolved into a luxury streetwear retailer, with 2 stores in prime locations in Manchester.
Our initial vision when we first set up our first retail store in 2021 was to become Manchester’s premier destination for locating the rarest and most coveted sneakers. We wanted to make the feeling of walking into a sneaker store less transactional than it has become nowadays, our goal is to become the sneaker hub of the city, where sneakerheads new and old at the very least can come in & just look and talk about sneakers.
At Origin Kicks we pride ourselves on curating the very best collection of sneakers and streetwear available for our customers.
All of the products curated & sourced by our buying teams go through a rigorous authentication process to ensure our customers who shop in our stores or online can do so with confidence.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via e-mail: