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How to clean and maintain your sneakers?

How to clean and maintain your sneakers?

Sneakers have been widely used as trendy casual footwear and athletic shoes for sports for many years. Purchasing a cool new pair of sneakers can be exciting as it elevates your personality and needs a good investment. However, even if you buy the best nike shoes, you can’t protect them from getting dirty by walking on muddy roads or spilling drinks over them. What you can do is clean and maintain them to last longer and look brand new

Over this blog, you will discover tips to keep your sneakers clean and wrinkle-free, along with the required products to make this process more convenient.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Sneakers Clean

Storing Them Properly

A shoe box is not enough to store your shoes when you are not using them. Use a shoe protector or shoe bag and keep your shoes inside them, keeping them dust free. Newspaper is an excellent moisture-absorbent material that can be stuffed into your shoes. They also maintain the shape of your sneakers and keep them odor-free. Creases make your shoes look old, and stuffing them with newspaper will solve this problem.

Use a Shoe Guard

One of the most effective ways to keep your shoes wrinkle-free is to use a shoe guard that keeps them in good condition and free from any foul smell, especially while traveling. Try using Crep Protect Guards, an ultimate sneakers protector that keeps your kicks crease-free. It is quite comfortable and reusable with a fresh scent and comes in different sizes for the shoe size. You can use the shoe guard before, during, and after wearing the sneakers. 

Clean with Hands and Avoid Washing Machines

No matter how tempting it may look, avoid using the washing machine to clean your shoes, as it may damage the stitching and make it all wrinkly. Wash your athletic shoes with a damp cloth or use a shoe brush. Jason Markk Premium Brush is specially designed with a soft bristle that is ideal on delicate materials such as premium leather, cotton canvas, or suede. This brush is handcrafted with a wooden handle and soft hog’s hair to clean your sneakers effectively.

Pay Attention to Shoe Laces

Dirty laces ruin the look of sneakers, so cleaning them thoroughly is important. Soak the laces in warm water mixed with a detergent for an hour and wash them with your hands or using a toothbrush to remove the stains. You can also get a new pair of laces matching your sneakers and replace the old ones.

Shoe Eraser for Instant Cleansing

Just as you use an eraser to remove pencil marks, a shoe eraser instantly comes to the rescue when you want clean and shinier sneakers. It is the most convenient and effective way to remove scuff marks and yellowish stains and make them good as new. Consider Crep Protect Eraser, pocket-friendly and easy to use, a gentle eraser for quick results, and suitable for suede, canvas, and nubuck sneakers.

Invest in a Shoe Care Kit

To make the cleaning process easy and hassle-free, get a shoe care kit whether you are buying nike running shoes for men or any other brands. Crep Protect The Ultimate Box Pack comes with all the necessary cleaning products for your footwear, making it one of the best shoe kits available on the market. It has a cleaning solution, eraser, shoe brush, and dual-sided wipes to clean your footwear and keep them fresh throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

As people say, “Good shoes take you to good places,” it’s your responsibility to keep your shoes stain-free and polished to increase their durability. Take help from the tips mentioned above to clean and maintain your sneakers for longer. Do not forget to check out Origin Kicks to explore the best nike shoes and other brands in various exotic designs